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The Enterprise was founded in 1994. and positioned at the market as a trade enterprise specializing on export of color scrap metal and sale of cable - conducting materials of manufacture of the Odessa cable factory.

In May 1998 the Company developed a business - plan in which was proved necessity of creation of manufacture in the south of Ukraine which could have a closed work cycle starting from processing secondary metal up to reception of qualitative cable production.

For this purpose experts of the Enterprise had mastered and successfully introduced three basic technological processes:

  • Fire fining of copper.
    The Donetsk institute of nonferrous metals had developed the project copper smelting area e equipped with two furnaces of reflective type, working on natural gas. The project was realized in 1999. Now the area manufactures half-finished products of special form (anodes), containing 99,5-99,9 % of copper.
  • Electrolysis of copper.
    Together with the leading Russian institute in the field of technologies on processing copper - "Unipromed", Ekaterinburg, has been developed a project of area of electrolysis fining and receiving of cathodic copper of high cleanliness (not less than 99.97 % Cu). The project was realized in 2001.
  • Manufacture of copper rod.
    In 2005 was put into operation the first line of continuous vertical moulding on manufacture of oxygen-free copper rod with diameter in 8 mm, raw material for which manufacture are used , cathodes of own manufacture of mark 00. In August, 2007 was put into operation the second line on manufacture of cast oxygen-free copper rod with diameter in 20, 25 mm with the subsequent cold rolling up to 18, 14, 8 mm.

In order to achieve high quality and competitiveness of products manufactured, "PANKOM YUN" in 2001. implemented the quality management system which meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9002-95 that is confirmed through the certificate issued within the System UkrSePrO.

In 2003 was introduced the quality management system which meets the requirements of the standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000).

Until recently the Enterprise was the unique manufacturer in Ukraine of cathodic copper of cleanliness Cu of 99,99 %.


In total at the Enterprise are engaged about 500 persons; in particular at the area of electrolysis 50.

Since 2004 till present time have been constantly carrying out modernisation of the factory, introduction of technological innovations with the purpose of providing increase of productivity, stability of work and quality of cathodic copper.

2007 Pancom-Un