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1. Development of manufactures:

  • The copper program. The following ways of development have been planned:
    1. usage declassed scrap and waste products of copper and alloys made on its basis;
    2. usage of oxidized copper ores and concentrates, with carrying out regenerative smelting;

      For this purpose there are being under way a development of the project of a new reflective furnace and a anode-casting complex with dosed pouring, and usage of resource-saving technology and effective clearing of emitting gases.

      In respect of burdening preparedness are being planned application of the equipment for removal of isolation and iron attachments in electro technical raw materials, installation of the Trof-converter for processing alloys of copper with the contents of chemical admixtures up to 15 % with following reception of oxides of zinc, lead, tin. The received blister copper will be used for anode repartition.

      Regarding electrolysis of copper:
      - increase of density of current up to 270 А/m2, transition to baseless manufacture. Accomplishment of these arrangements will allow to increase manufacture of cathodic copper using existing capacities;
      - usage of PAV - coagulants, and also PAVs allowing to lower usage of sulfur-containing additions in electrolits;
      - installation of new filter – press equipment for thin filtration of electrolit.

      For improvement of physic mechanical properties of copper rod in diameter 8 mm, received by cold rolling, in the nearest future an installation of an annealing line will be anticipated.
  • The pig-iron program. The following ways of development have been planned:
    1. perfection of "know-how" of high-strength pig-iron and pig-iron with the physic mechanical properties set forth;
    2. further introduction of means of automation of designing and machine tools with programming control for manufacturing moulding models with any degree of complexity and quality of surface.
  • Manufacture of ferroalloys. The following ways of development have been planned:
    1. расширение номенклатуры производства ферросплавов.

2. Energy-saving and ecological safety:

  • Economy of power resources.
  • Improvement of ecological conditions, increase of ecological safety of manufacture.
  • Increase of a level of mechanization and automation of work.
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