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Quality management

Successful promotion of manufactured products at the national and international markets would be impossible without introduction at the Enterprise of the complex approach to quality management.

At the Enterprise has been introduced and is being constantly improved the quality management system (QMS) in which practically all services and divisions are being involved. The system is directed on solution of such tasks as:

  • maintenance of stability and stability of processes of manufacture by means of observance of technological discipline, regular service of the equipment, improvement of professional skill of the personnel;
  • introduction and maintenance of the continuous control of chemical and physical parameters of manufactured products at all manufacture stages;
  • monitoring and analysis of condition of the market, provision of integrity of products while ) moving from the manufacturer to the consumer.

At present time the Enterprise enjoys all necessary resources needed for solution of tasks specified above.

Normative maintenance (documentation)

  • technological
  • organizational - administrative
  • on system of quality
  • normative
  • legal

Marketing, search of contractors

  • the prices for raw material and finished goods
  • conditions of transportation
  • conditions of financing
  • expertise of a contractor
The organizational scheme of providing quality

Technological maintenance

  • technological equipment
  • instrumentation
  • industrial infrastructure

Preparation of a contract

  • uniqueness of requirements and conditions
  • rules of performance
  • provision of resources
  • financial and economic expertise
  • legal expertise


  • selection of the staff
  • improvement of professional skill
  • safety technique and a labor safety
  • working conditions, social microclimate
Execution of the contract

Provision of raw material

  • control of observance of terms and conditions
  • entrance control (radiology, explosion safety)
  • identification
  • provision of integrity
  • documentary accompaniment


  • technological discipline
  • safety precautions
  • quality supervision
Control and tests

  • entrance control
  • technological process
  • finished goods (Quality Department)

Service of FC(finished commodity)

  • during manufacture
  • warehousing
  • packing
  • storage
  • shipment

Adjusting influences (feedback)

  • analysis of results of checks and internal audits
  • revelation of the causes of occurrence of deviations
  • analysis of claims and reclamations
  • decision-making

Identification and traceability

  • sorting, classification of raw material, documenting
  • registration of cast samples and their express analyses
  • registration , , marks
  • certification of FC, accompanying documentation (certificates, packing sheets, labels, tags)

The quality system, introduced at the Enterprise, is certificated by GOSSTANDART of Ukraine (System of certification UkrSePrO ) on conformity to requirements ISO 9002.

The system of quality management was introduced in 2003, which meets requirements of standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) (certificates). The leading part in maintenance of quality of production is being played by the laboratory complex of the Enterprise.

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