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Social program

At the Enterprise great attention is being paid to social development of labor collective. A modern dining hall providing preferential meals for two shifts of the personnel has been constructed, a first-aid post is constantly in operation; a contract has been concluded with a district clinic on health services of the personnel and carrying out of regular medical surveys.

The department of safety precautions and a labor safety together with the personnel of the first-aid post conducts statistics and analysis of the facts of diseases and traumatism that makes it possible to influence the factors affecting state of health of labor collective operatively. During a autumn-winter season vaccinations are carried out with the purpose to prevent diseases caused by flu.

All technicians are provided with working clothes. Transportation of the personnel to work and back home is provided with motor transport of the Enterprise.

Great attention is being given to improvement of professional skill of workers; professional retraining and certification of the staff are carried out, a team of workers has passed training at the industrial complex " Severonikel", Monchegorsk, Russia. Besides that at the expense of the Company are being paid education in higher and medium special educational institutions of experts in the most needed specialties.

At the Enterprise the system of interest-free crediting has been developed. The card salary project has been realized.

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