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The Enterprise produces a ferro-nickel- chrome alloy of mark FN-12 according to S PP 77.100-160:2007. Form of production ingots of prismatic forms in weight up to 200 kg. If its agreed with a customer weight of ingots can be increased (not more than 800 kg). The chemical composition of the alloy is showed in the table.

Mark Nickel Chrome Mass portion of elements, % Basic contents of nickel, %
Cu W C S P Sum of other elements, %
not more
FNX-12 9,5-14,5 10,1 - 16,0 0,8 1,0 2,0 0,10 0,05 3,0 12
Note. Letters used for indication of mark mean: FNX - ferro-nickel- chrome; figures basic contents of nickel.
Note 2. Sum of other elements includes mass portion of manganese, molybdenum niobium, cobalt, vanadium, titan, silicon, etc.

Each ingot is supervised on parameters of the form, quality of surface, weights and chemical composition. A label is attached to each ingot with indication of number of casting and weight of an ingot.

Depending on an order, the ingots, identical in chemical composition, form a lot, on each of which a certificate of quality is issued.

Shipment of products is carried out in containers, bulk.

2007 Pancom-Un