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xygen-free electrotechnical opper rod

Copper half-finished products for wire-drawing (rod), marks KLM 8, L 8, L 8 are produced according to TU U 27.5-22447150-007-2005-01-01 and meets requirements DSTU GOST 859-2003 (GOST 859-2001) for copper of marks 00, 0.

Nominal diameter of rod 8 +- 0,4 mm. Rod of class A and B according to chemical composition corresponds to mark of copper not below 00, a class With not lower 0. The maintenance(contents) of oxygen and sulfur no more than 15 ppm. The degree of oxidation of surfaces < 0,01 %.

Specific electric resistance of rod of all classes not more than 0,01724 Om x mm2/m. Relative lengthening of rod not less than 35%.

Durability at stretching not less than 160 /2.
Number of twistings in one side before destruction,
for class A not less than 50,
for a class B not less than 40,
for class C - not less 35.

The certificate of quality with indication of all parameters and chemical composition is issued on each coil. Average weight of a coil 3,0 .

For preservation of consumer properties each coil is marked, pulled together with a steel tape and packed with a polyethylene stretch-film.

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